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The beauty of this FPL planner which has been produced by FPL Pup is that it is both free and easy to use. To make sure you get the best benefit from it here is a quick tutorial on it.

Firstly, you need to download your own copy, using this download button:

Don’t see the download button? Click here to download instead:

Once open, click ‘File’ in the top-left corner and then ‘Download’. Or just right click it and click ‘Download’. This is to ensure everyone has easy access to the file with Google Drive, but ensuring users chopping and changing it don’t mess it up for the rest of us!

Now the good stuff. There are 4 sections to the Excel:

1. Team Planning – here you just have to populate your team using the drop-down list in the light blue cells. Then all their fixtures populate as well as their fixture difficulty colour scheme.

2. Additional Slots for Planning – here I provide 7 extra fields so you can compare and contrast players and their fixtures. It is good for future transfer planning and deciding between 2 players. Again, just populate the light blue cells​​​.​​​

3. Planning Section – one of the most important things is making sure you have strong captains for each Gameweek. Using the drop-down list in the light blue cell you can choose your captain and vice-captain. While fields are also provided so you can organise your transfer and chip thinking.

4. Fixture Schedule – this is just a clean view of each team’s fixtures.

The all-important double Gameweeks are denoted with a plus (+) sign e.g. GW 23+. As the season progresses and we get more clarity on doubles I will populate these cells. I will also update them to give an indication of a likely, but yet to be confirmed double. See Manchester City in Gameweek 24+ as an example. 

I will accordingly be updating this on a regular basis. I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions feeel free to contact me.

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  1. Hey man, not sure what’s going on but your planner seems to be missing the main sheet with the team planning… are you planning to correct it? Loved this tool.

    1. Hi
      It should be all ok, it’s just been updated to reflect the newly announced fixtures so you might just have been in there when it was being updated. Any issues let me know.

  2. Hey man, this is really great and exactly what I’ve been looking for. One suggestion – why don’t you include a ‘last updated’ date, so we know whether new fixture announcements have already been incorporated or if there’s a new version since the last time we downloaded it. Thanks!

  3. Hi, looks a great tool, but does it auto update once you have downloaded it with extra confirmed fixtures or will we have to download a new updated copy? Many thanks

    1. Hi, the copy on the site will update automatically with the changes. When you download if you are taking a copy of it and saving it locally so the changes will not update onto that copy automatically.

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