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I have decided to introduce a two tier Twitterliga mini league starting from 2020/21 season. The main reason for this is to add an extra competitive edge to the game by introducing a top league with just the top 100 players in. For the first season the top 100 will be based on performance in 2019/20 season. As a guide 100th place this season scored 2327 points, with an overall rank of 25K.

Each year the bottom 25 teams from the top league will be relegated and the top 25 from the 2nd tier league will be promoted, not only will this keep things competitive but hopefully ensure there is plenty to play for right up to the end of GW38.

The 2nd tier league will not be capped for entries, but will have the aim for all those taking part to get promotion into the top league for the following season.

Registration for these will be live next week (wc 17th aug).

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