Survivor Registration is Live!

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Now into it’s 3rd season, Survivor is the ultimate game in staying ahead of the drop. 

Depending on the number of overall entries (entries close on GW1 deadline) each week the lowest scoring teams are eliminated from the game. For example if 1,000 entered then lowest 27 scoring teams each week are eliminated.

Score more than this score and you progress onto the following game week. This continues each game week until there are only 6 teams left for GW38 competing for the overall title and ultimate Survivor.

How to Enter: Firstly, you need to be following FPL_ELSTATTO on twitter in order to receive the weekly update and to join the league you need to enter code “g388qo”

If you wish to be in the Survivor chat group then please DM me on twitter and I’ll add you into the group.

If you are interested it my other mini leagues then TWITTERLIGA will be launched soon and FPL TROIKA is live now (Click Here)

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