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So… we have made it to the last overhaul and with it the final chance to tinker with the use of unlimited transfers before locking in prior to Leicester vs Liverpool kicking off at 12:30pm on Saturday 13th February! 

For those that are interested in Sky Fantasy Football but have not played this season or do not quite understand the rules as of yet, the overhaul presents a fixed period of time in which you can make unlimited transfers. Think of it as a forced wildcard if you will. This overhaul is the final chance to make those swaps without burning any more valuable transfers from the 40 available at the start of the season. Across the SkyFF community, the average appears to be between 15-20 transfers remaining. This, along with your current rank, will dictate how aggressive you will want to be with your overhaul picks and subsequently giving yourself a chance to win that magnificent £50k prize money. In fairness, the prizes for 2nd through to 5th aren’t too shabby either, but we all want that big money jackpot!

We also have the chance to create a third team so if you either want to get started with the game and learn the ropes for next season, or target those manager of the month awards this time round, then you need to be setting up that 3rd team. The benefit being, you get to start with 40 transfers which averages out at around 3 a week being available to use, which is amazing for really attacking fixtures runs and captaincies. I must also plug the fact that I have a podcast called ‘The Season Keepers’ which is hosted by myself and my co-host @fpldrug. We have set up a third team league for those setting up this week, so join in the fun and then next season you’ll be ready for when we set up the cash leagues! The league code is – 8520508.

I am currently sat 76th overall with my main team so I still have a chance, although slim in my opinion given there are far better and more experienced managers ahead of me. This is my first season playing the Sky game and I have loved it! The planning, strategy and rewards personally make it a more enjoyable game than FPL, but it certainly won’t be for everyone. It takes time, patience and a great deal of forward planning to get things right. The two pods that I particularly want to shout out are Planet FPL & Fantasy Football Hubs 3 for 1 podcast! Both deserve a huge amount of credit for the content they have provided this season, which has certainly helped focus the mind when considering options. I must also shout out Ian Parrin – PlanItSky, who produces a planning spreadsheet via the FFH which has been invaluable to me this season. 

That’s enough waffling now though, lets get down to overhaul business!

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Looking at the confirmed fixtures between now and March 1st, there are already some single game days that we need to be covering with at least one captaincy option. Friday 19th February sees Wolves v Leeds, Monday 22nd February sees Brighton v Palace and Tuesday 23rd February see Leeds v Southampton. From those, it appears obvious that we need at least one Leeds asset to captain given they appear in 2 of the 3single game days. We also ideally want to cover off the single Brighton fixture but some may wish to skip it. For me, there are 3 Leeds candidates to choose from. Patrick Bamford (8.2m) – 156 points, Stuart Dallas (6.4m) – 115 points & Raphina (6.8m) – 82 points. Bamford & Dallas will inevitably be highly owned, but I don’t think Raphina should be overlooked! His stats are somewhat skewed given he didn’t get a start until the 9thLeeds game. However, if you are to look at his previous 4 games pre overhaul, he has brought home 39 points so almost half of his total. I guess the decision will be dependant on how you wish to line-up in terms of formation and also what budget you wish to use and keep back for future transfers.

The other dilemma we have is of course that Brighton fixture. As I said, some may look to skip entirely but if you are looking for coverage, you could either start with one single asset or potentially move to one when we get to see the team sheet on the night. If starting with one, I feel the best option will be to start with goalkeeper Sanchez (6m) – 70 points. Again, his points are skewed somewhat as he did not really get a run in the team until 16th December and since then he has been on top form! Whether it be hitting saves tiers or keeping clean sheets, he has been racking up the points. If, however you wish to give that goalkeeper slot to someone else, then it may be a case that you move onto a defender. Brighton have a favourable run following the Palace game and Lewis Dunk (8m) – 97 points may be the one to go for. A stalwart in that backline and a goal threat from set pieces have the makings of an ideal Sky asset from this point onwards. 

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It is worth bearing in mind that this article is being written on 11th February prior to the completion of all of the FA Cup games, which will impact those fixtures following on from the 1st March in terms of scheduling.So that is the reason why I am not looking further ahead at this moment in time. However, it is very clear that Manchester City have an abundance of fixtures to get through, with 4 already scheduled in comparison to the 3 for most other teams and 2 of which being within the first match week. Therefore, City assets are going to be heavily owned! Now, with the Sky game you can have as many players from one team as you like which is ideal in this kind of situation. Personally, in my current draft I have 5 Man City players and I have seen others going with as many as 7. Given the top 3 defensive points scorers are Dias, Cancelo & Stones within the game, it is no surprise to see that their ownership figures are on the up in the top 1k with all 3 well above the 50% mark. Others to consider are the likes of Ederson as another marker in that defensive fortress, Gundogan & Foden as midfield generals and Sterling who is more than capable of a haul. In my humble opinion, if you have any less than 4 then it may be difficult to keep up if Man City go big in the next 2-3 weeks of fixtures. 

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Looking at captaincy coverage across the first few weeks of the scheduled fixtures, another team that we may need coverage from early on is Chelsea. On the 15th February they play Newcastle, before the playing Southampton away on 20th February. If Antonio could be relied on in terms of fitness then West Ham also play Sheffield United on 1th February, however I worry following his FA Cup absence that he could be an issue that night. Therefore, I strongly believe that a Chelsea defender may be the way to go. With Thiago Silva’s absence and the inevitable rotation of full backs within the Chelsea line-up, for me there are one two options to go to – Azpilicueta (9m) – 88 points & Rudiger (8.9m) – 55 points. Both have saw themselves thrust back into the starting 11 and appear as if they are very much a part of Tuchel’s plans moving forward. These two frequently hit passing tiers and top that with a potential clean sheet, could provide the ideal captaincy coverage we are looking for. 

Generally, I can see plenty of teams having a very similar 7-8 players post overhaul with a few differentials thrown in to attempt to make up that ground. As time goes on, gambles will then have to be taken if you are chasing the pack to give the best chance of getting your hands on that 50k! Other than the Manchester City & Leeds assets previously mentioned, if you don’t own Bruno Fernandes (10.9m) – 184 points then do so at your peril. He will inevitably be in 99.9% of the top 1k teams post overhaul and so he should be. I also believe that both Harry Kane (11.7m) – 175 points & Mo Salah (12m) – 165 points will also be very heavily owned, although I feel many will either start with one or the other and perhaps not both given the way the fixtures fall to start with. The likes of Grealish (8.5m) – 140 points & Watkins (8.6m) – 132 points will also inevitably feature heavily given that Aston Villa, along with Everton, are the only two teams to have 17 fixtures remaining post overhaul. 

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At the end of the day, it will be all about getting those captaincy decisions right more often than not and also finding the best 2 for 1 & 3 for 1 moves to gain all important fixtures and subsequently points across the remainder of the season. The game cannot be won with your overhaul selections, but it could be lost. I won’t be locking in my final drafts until Friday at the earliest, once we know where the potential future doubles and blanks sit. If you want to hear more about my thoughts then why not give my latest Season Keepers podcast a listen, where we go into some depth about our plans and thoughts on tis overhaul period and discuss our current drafts prior to locking in before this week’s deadlines. We can be found on twitter @seasonkeepers and across most audio platforms.  

Other than that, all I have to say is good luck and may the best man or woman win that 50k! 

Thanks for reading and have a good week!

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