GW37 – Mini League Update

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The unstoppable train that is “The Good, The Bad & The Gnarby” have a lead of 124pts with just 1 week to go. The Champange is very much of ice for the team!

“FPL Together” were the highest scoring team of the week with an impressive 131pts, however, it was “@mahakns99” from “FPL Triple Kaptain” who was the individual top scorer this week with 79pts!,

Top of the table is as follows:

team nametotal score
The Good, the Bad and the Gnabry4896
Cold As Thrice4772
The FPL Squad4751
Peanut Butter and Jelly4735
This is not my Forte4710
Observing Foxy phenoms4705
Knockaert Punch4656
CIS United4646

Full breakdown of scores and table can be found here: GAMEWEEK UPDATE


The 13 going this week are shown below – this week 51pts was the cut off score. Just 6 now remain to battle it out for the title of “Survivor”

ManagerTeam NameTeam IDGW37
Joe StoutCtrl + Z3156636
Jamie BurtonThe McTominator2117438
Seko FialorFaru FC34863938
aboeb joenLady Arwen’s Army102888840
Matthew TavernaLeopold’s Leopards60589241
Steven SchelkKepaChillWeHavertz26101241
Giovann AlarconTabaco y Ron21571843
Adam HubbardSons of Pitches92945
Peter BrankinNeville Wears Prada339765147
FPL NeilLord of the Ings47249
Pierre MoutonFC Cheeky157149
Shubham AgarwalKroos Control525651
Raïsh GanpatN’Golianen719351

You can see the full list of teams and how you have performed here: GAMEWEEK UPDATE. You an also see the 45 teams remaining by looking on the “teams remaining” tab.

GW37 – 13 teams leave. This will leave 6 teams making GW38 competing for the title.


Could it be any closer with 1 games to go! Shubham Agarwal scored 51pts this week and Jerome Hughes scored 50pts. That means Shubham now has a 2pt lead going into the finalgameweek! The final day decider….

Shubham is currently 882th in the world and Jerome 966th.

Full Standings can be found here: TWITTERLIGA100

Manager of the Months:

monthteammanagermonth score
SeptThe BhoysDarran Gowrie212
OctEnRo CityEnrique Camblor290
NovMartial MattersJerome Hughes230
DecClinicalFPLJorn Verheijen406
JanSmuggy DuggyAlan Duggan394
FebPick NopeKetan Chopra473
MarMartial MattersJerome Hughes203
AprAlamutGurbanmyrat Myradov305

It’s just as tight inTwitterliga, with 6 points covering the top 3 teams! Sivert Arne Selvi scored 52pts and sits in first on 2,484pts overall. 2nd place is Cak Juris on 2,481pts and 3rd place is Nick Jones on 2,478pts. The title could be going anywhere on the final day!

Full Standings can be found here: TWITTERLIGA

Managers of the Month:

monthteammanagermonth score
SeptCobra KaiCraig Thomson216
OctHere we go!FPL Joker292
NovLingardium WeviosaPaul Jones232
DecN’GolianenRaish Ganpat429
JanUnited of ChorleyBogdan Vasile393
FebCobra KaiCraig Thomson460
MarNumber17Parikshit Pekhale231
AprThe Great and GoodGrey Head303

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