GW28 – Mini League Update

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A good week for “The Good, The Bad & The Gnarby” as they have extended their lead to 55pts at the top of the table. “CIS Utd” now have second place all to themselves as “Cold As Thrice” drop to third.

In a lower scoring week, it was “waiting team name” who top scored with 118pts and the best individual score was “@InsideEPL_YT” from “Willian of Dollars” with 72pts.

Top of the table is as follows:

The Good, the Bad and the Gnabry3707
CIS United3652
Cold As Thrice3650
Observing Foxy phenoms3635
The VARdy Boys3635
Knockaert Punch3614
Peanut Butter and Jelly3608
The FPL Squad3593

Full breakdown of scores and table can be found here: GAMEWEEK UPDATE


The 19 going this week are shown below.

Manager NameTeam NameTeam IDGW28
Jeemit PatelKeita success-MoMane69607528
JaWad IrFan¿¡ToP ofThe FLoPS!?233553932
Andy SullivanFantasyFoxes3127932
Les McqueenBoofhead City1421733
Mohamed SaadManUnited32286034
Adrian RocheThe Craggy Islanders20852635
Adnan MQuarks54149836
Muhammad AgilArsenic6515136
Sarah MarksA Team Has No Name16876336
Rich ClarkFPL Blanker999536
Kaushik ShettyLet’s Go Shawping9470036
Tencho TenevFC Meteor 06121545737
Dimity WardQueen of the Palace246298237
Dimitris ChristofiPep or Nothing14573237
Nick CooperWhiteRose AFC1909438
S JamesWaffle Coffee TV3741938
Tim VanDerWeideCanuckia United75232038
stephen lawal★ Atlético Lawal ★26479539

You can see the full list of teams and how you have performed here: GAMEWEEK UPDATE

Up to and including GW30 – 19 teams leave. GW31-33 – 15 teams leave. GW34-37 – 13 teams leave.


Jerome Hughes lead remains at 12pts as both he and Sivert Arne Selvi scored 52pts this week. They have both broken 1,900 points (1,920 and 1,908 respectively) and are sitting at 2.3K and 3.9K globally!

Full Standings can be found here: TWITTERLIGA100


Adnan Hajrulahovic added 1 point to his lead at the top this week after scoring 46pts. Impressively he is now ranked 1K globally!! 2nd placed Craig Thomson scored 45pts and sits at 2.2K globally on 1,921 points.

Full Standings can be found here: TWITTERLIGA

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