GW1 Pre-Deadline Checklist

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We’ve had our break, even if it was shorter than normal. Pre season is done and your FPL team is now picked.

But – have you double checked all the little details?

  1. Is your captain selected correctly?
    • Captaincy has a huge impact on your score each week. Double check it’s where you want it to be.
  2. Are your rotating defenders in the right order?
    • No-one wants to look at their team once the game has updated to realise you’ve started your Leeds defender away at Liverpool by mistake. Rotating cheap defenders is a solid strategy but just double check who is starting.
  3. Is your bench in the right order?
    • This is important, particularly if you have any players doubtful to start in your line-up.
  4. Any flags?
    • Last minute news or injuries can happen. Double check that none of your players have developed a sneaky flag that puts them in doubt.
  5. Monitor price changes
    • Now, it’s important to note that even the best site ( takes a little bit of time each season to adjust to the updated price algorithm that FPL use. But, if you’re looking to make an early move for a Utd player and have the exact money either in your team or in the bank, then keep an eye on this so you don’t miss out on the player in question.
  6. Don’t forget the deadline is now 90 minutes before the first kickoff!

In addition, here are my personal pieces of advice for your squad, which you can choose to heed or ignore:

Pick Nailed Players

You may or may not have a strong bench depending on your style of management, but try to pick players who are nailed on for the first few weeks. Risky picks like Vinagre (could he be leaving?), or Saka (lots of competition for places) are more likely to bring your bench into play, so I like to pick players who are definitely going to start.

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Wait on the the new signings

Personally I like to wait and see a little on new signings. That’s not to say don’t have any (I have Timo Werner (9.5m) in my team) but don’t go overboard by having 2/3/4 of them in your team. I like to give them a bit of time to get into their groove and then jump on them.

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Follow the fixtures

I’m a fixtures man anyway, regardless. But it’s particularly important at the beginning of the season where the only form we have are pre season matches where the team is full of fringe players.

Check the press conferences and injury news

Ensure you have all of the information possible before locking in your team. Managers aren’t always the best at giving away information (I’m looking at you, Pep), but there are key pieces of information available that can be useful for our decisions.

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Try to enjoy it

We all spend a lot of time on this game, and we all want to post huge scores every week. Just remember it’s a really long season and this first gameweek is not going to make or break your entire campaign.

Good luck everyone – it’s good to be back!

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