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The festive fixtures are approaching and the inevitable rest and rotation worries that come with it are starting to make ripples within conversations amongst the FPL Community. For those including myself that still hold their wildcard, the only focus will be the fixtures within Gameweek’s 12-15 before hitting that button prior to the 28th deadline at 13:30 UK time. For that reason, I have chosen to focus this article on the fixtures and options available over the coming 4 weeks to strengthen that focus.  

I will run through what I believe to be the best fixture runs and subsequent options alphabetically right up until GW 16 plus those who we should potentially be looking to jump off or avoid over the coming weeks! 

First up is ArsenalBUR(H), SOU(H), EVE(A), CHE(H)

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Now you are probably all thinking ‘what the heck are you talking about’ by even considering Arsenal and you may well be right! But, 3 home fixtures in the next 4 provides an opportunity for points! Yes, they were beaten 2-0 by Spurs but they played well for considerable periods of the game. If Arteta can find a way of getting his forwards scoring then there should be plenty of opportunities available in the next 4. Will Aubameyang finally haul? Gabriel could see a couple of clean sheets come his way and although Bellerin’sdefensive capabilities have been questioned recently, we all know he enjoys getting forward and if he can improve his final ball then an assist or 2 could be on the agenda.

Aston Villa – WOL(A), BUR(H), WBA(A), CRY(H)

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After missing GW11’s fixture against Newcastle due to Covidissues within the Geordies squad, Villa should be very well rested and raring to go! Villa’s next 4 fixtures are very tasty and worth attacking.  Yes, it appears a difficult fixture on paper against Wolves away to start but I still expect them to return. We all witnessed Liverpool turn Wolves over and, on their day, Villa can be an incredible attacking threat! Following that, the next 3 look very good for the likes of Grealish & Watkins and I would expect both to get returns during this period! At only 7.7m & 6.1m respectively, they are both still very well priced! 

Fulham – LIV(H), BHA(H), NEW(A), SOU(H)

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Another questionably bold call! But following the Liverpool game, the next 3 could provide opportunities for Fulham to at least get on the scoresheet! If you are looking for a cheap enabler that potentially allows you to move to a Salah or KDB for instance then Lookman & Cavaleiro could be useful assets at 5.0m & 5.3m with the latter being on penalty duty too. I wouldn’t go near them defensively but worth a punt on their midfield… why not!  

Leeds – WHU(H), NEW(H), MUN(A), BUR(H)

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3 home games in the next 4 and the away game at Man United will be one that Leeds are well up for! I think the upcoming run for Leeds is the best out of any team in the next 4 and I am expecting goals and clean sheets to come from them. Bielsa rarely rotates his lineup and sticks to what he believes works as a system for Leeds. We even had the benefit of the entire starting 11 bring given to us on a silver platter this week in the press conference… If only Pep could take a leaf out of Bielsa’s book! Meslier, Dallas & Ayling could all benefit for clean sheets during this run, with the latter two often found marauding into the opponent’s box so the opportunity for attacking returns is there too! Priced at just 4.5-4.6m, they are viable options if looking for those budget enablers. We all know Bamford’s potential given he currently has 8 goals, 2 assists and 70 points! At 38% ownership, if you don’t have him and he goes big them its going to hurt! However, an alternative option into Leeds attack could be Raphinha who only costs 5.4m and owned by 0.6% of the community. Will you be brave enough to take a gamble on him now that he has his first goal of the season? 

Liverpool – FUL(A), TOT(H), CRY(A), WBA(H)

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It was a close one between Leeds & Liverpool, but I think Liverpool have the 2nd best run of all teams over the next 4. Many are jumping onto Salah this week which is understandable given Fulham’s frailties at the back. If he goes big then it’s going to hurt not owning him for sure. I do expect Mane & Jota to also contribute with attacking returns over the next 4 and they are very useful differentials, but the obvious choice would be Salah if you can afford him. Moving towards the rear, TAA has returned to the setup and that will only enhance Liverpool’s attacking output. Choosing between Robertson and TAA is still a tricky choice and now they both sit at 7.2m it is made all the more difficult! Personal preference would be Robbo over the 2, but that is purely down to form over the current season. Choose between them at your peril… It is always going to be a very difficult decision. If you wanted a cheaper way into Liverpool’s backline then perhaps Matip at 5.4m is a viable option. The worry with him is can he play game after game over such a tight period?

Finally, I have selected Man City – MUN(A), WBA(H), SOU(A), NEW(H)

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The Manchester derby is usually a tasty affair and I have a feeling City will find a way to punish United’s back line, much like RB Leipzig did during the week. The difficulty with City is always going to be the infamous Pep Roulette! Because of this, I genuinely feel the only viable and ‘safe’ attacking option is De Bruyne. Set pieces and that creative number 10 role allows KDB to dominate games and he has proven over the past few weeks that he has double digit hauls in the tank! The upcoming run looks very profitable and City are arguable the best captaincy option in GW13 & 15! Sterling is worth the gamble but with Torres & Mahrezplaying so well, competition for those places is hot! Defensively again the only ‘safe’ bet if you believe Pep’s comments is Ruben Dias. He appears to be the stalwart at the back that solidifies City and I am not sure Pep will be happy going without him. Cancelo, Walker & Mendy are very useful fullback options, but I expect them to be rotated amongst one another over this busy period. 

All in all, there are certainly fixtures and teams that we can attack over the next few weeks and I expect considerable points hauls from several of the assets mentioned above. Obviously, we are within a global pandemic and this could have an affect on how managers approach the upcoming schedule, but we can t worry about this when planning our moves. 

I hope the above provides a little insight into potential options and routes to target over the festive period. If I were to offer one last piece of advice, it would be’ DO NOT DRINK & FPL’ over this period! I was a culprit of this last year and several meaningless hits were taken! 

Good luck all 😊 CleanSheetWipeout!

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