NEW: FPL Troika is Live

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NEW Mini League Competition for 20/21

A new FPL competition that will be run off line rather than taking up a mini league slot.

What is Troika? How this game will work is each week only your team member with the highest gameweek score and lowest score will contribute to create your teams overall weekly score (so the team member with the middle score isn’t included). Then like a traditional league your team score will go into the leaderboard and whichever team has he highest score at the end of the season wins!

What do I need to do? Find yourself 2 mates, whether that’s friends from within the fpl community, work colleagues, other mini league friends or family members to join your team and know your FPL ID, thats it!

How do I submit my team? You have two ways to enter but both need the same information. Either DM me on twitter or email with the following information:

Team Name, Twitter account names for all 3 players and all 3 players team ID’s

If you are interested it my other mini leagues then TWITTERLIGA will be launched soon and SURVIVOR is live now (Click Here)

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