GW07 – Mini League Update

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“Team Rocket” continue to lead the way at the top scoring 99pts this week. The best performers were “CIS United” who scored an impressive 150pts which moved them up to 3rd in the table. It was their team member “FanAdviser” who individually topped scored this week as well with 82pts.

Top of the table is as follows:

Team Rocket855
This is not my Forte838
CIS United837
The Good, the Bad and the Gnabry832
The FPL Squad821
Waiting team name 2818
The VARdy Boys817
Footboxx +1813

Full breakdown of scores and table can be found here: GAMEWEEK UPDATE


The cut off score was 36 points or over this week. There were 6 teams tied on 35 this week with only 1 space left. It went down to the vice captain score to find the best performer!

The 15 managers leaving this week are shown below:

Manager NameTeam IDTeam NameGW7
Udoh Utibe Obong3283730LINKEDIN FC35
Paul Willis321099Deportivo Pembrey35
Den McSeemov721025Super Den35
Fin Ifudu204463For Fuuchs Sake35
Pritam A781SarrDigne Sorbet35
Terry N97053Lallana in pyjamas34
Lee Launders947832Sympathy4TheDevil33
Lion King2899145Lion 133
Will Taylor1515802The Unused Subs32
FPL Escapades167856FPL Escapades32
Gypsum stone3523796Savage Love32
Robert Nugent1167165Beans on toast31
Kadouci Yasser283801Muslim_and_proud31
Andrew Premier627237My Team29
John Gabriel Tham2956951TRAVELLERS FC27

You can see the full list of entrants and how you would have performed in GW7 here: GAMEWEEK UPDATE


After an impressive 82pts this week EnRo City managed by Enrique Camblor is sitting in top spot with an overall score of 473pts, putting him 25K globally.

Full Standings can be found here: TWITTERLIGA100


Competition is just as high in the main Twitterliga league with Gibrile Minuongou currently in top spot with 464pts and a global ranking of 47K. He has a 14pt lead over 2nd place.

Full Standings can be found here: TWITTERLIGA

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