FPL GW29 Snapshot – Defence

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In the sixth of a new series FPL Snapshot, Mihir is producing a weekly bite size snapshot of an FPL asset and highlighting why they would be a good pick for your team. So far 3 out of the 5 picks have gone on to return in the following gameweek, so all eyes on GW29 choice.

It’s a bit different this week with the attention turned to which from Tierney, Cresswell or Reguilon is the better option for the blank gameweek ahead.

Tierney £5.2M – 5.5% ownership
Cresswell £5.9M – 28.o% Ownership
Reguilon £5.5M – 3.8% Ownership

Here are the fixtures for all 3 Cresswell, Tierney and Reguilon (in that order).

We can see Cresswell faces 5 of the bottom 6 in the last stretch of the games where WHU have a European spot to play for but no distraction of European games still to play this season. Tierney also faces 5 of the bottom 6 in the last stretch but are currently 10 points off the top 4 and might target the Europa competition instead. Reguilon faces only 2 of the bottom 6 but has a double game week pending which is against Southampton and also have Europa commitments and has competition from Ben Davies for the left sided defence spot.

Now to the statistical part of the argument. Cresswell has had 0 goals and 10 assists with an xG of 0.78 and an xA of 5.34. He has also kept 10 Clean sheets this season and is the highest-scoring defender in the game currently at 132 points. Tierney has had 1 goal and 3 assists from an xG of 0.34 and an xA of 3.34 and has kept 6 clean sheets. He’s scored 76 points so far this season. Reguilón has had 4 assists from an xG of 0.95 and xA of 1.76 and has kept 6 clean-sheets at a total of 65 points.

Also, another key factor to note is for a defender a clean sheet is the first thing to consider and West Ham are top 6 for the season in terms of best defenses. Whereas, Arsenal are 4th and Spurs are a lowly 9th which pushes me away from punting on Reguilon.

Now a Comparison of all 3 of average per appearance. Firstly Creswell (Blue) and Tierney (Red) – Right image all matches and Left is of last six games only.

Creswell (Blue) and Reguilon (Red) – Left image all matches and right is of last six games only.

Reguilon (Blue) Tierney (Red) – Left image all matches and right is of last six games only.

As we can see in these pics Cresswells underlying stats have dropped off a bit but due to the clinical headed finishes of Soucek and Dawson, but he still has a high assist threat. But underlying stats wise in the last six games, Reguilon has had the better goal threat and Tierney has had a better assist threat.

Now for the heatmaps, of all the three fullbacks (Creswell/Tierney/Reguilon in that order):

As we can see, Tierney is a very forward-minded full back and the heatmaps reflect that, whereas Creswell from open play is playing a bit deeper but has massive set-piece threat which the other two don’t offer.


Creswell, I still think is the best option to get with next to no fixture congestion for West Ham and them going for a European place. After that id go Tierney due to the fixture run of Arsenal and Reguilon would be my last due to the factor of Ben Davies.


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