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Welcome to my latest article for Jumpers for Goalposts! In this article, I’ll tackle the strength of the template and the potential strategies to help you gain rank.

There seems to be a relatively small pool of FPL assets picking up points and that lends itself to ownership of assets being really high. An obvious example is Salah who seems to be a perma captain until Salah leaves for AFCON. The template looks super strong. Via livefpl.net, here are the top 10 owned players amongst the top 10k teams. 

To give an example of the impact, if you don’t own the Liverpool trio of Salah, TAA and Jota, and any provide returns, you are automatically losing. To use a gambling analogy, you are basically betting against the house. This extends further; Cancelo and Recce James are in the majority of trans meaning not owning them leaves you are serious risk of major rank drops if they provide returns which both have done consistently this season. 

The sensible approach is to follow along in most cases to provide protection amongst rank drops. For my own team, I own 9 of the top 10 owned assets (Raphinha is the exception). As a result I effectively have insulation against severe rank drops. 

However, I can see the template shake up on the horizon. Let’s see what might break the current template.

Manchester United

My team, Man Utd, have started a new era with the appointment of Ralf Rangnick as interim manager. The impact of this appointment is unknown but we should be watching Utd like hawks over the next few games. Who picks up form under Rangnick should be on our radars. My biggest recommendation is wipe any assumptions about Man Utd clean. This is a fresh start for the club and change is incoming.

Whilst I have no idea who will benefit, I think the defence will improve and that puts Luke Shaw back in the frame. De Gea is not too expensive. The likes of Rashford and Sancho may thrive under a pressing regrime in the way that Salah and Mane have at Liverpool. I definitely have my eye on Sancho, who took his goal against Chelsea very well, sending Mendy off balance before slotting home. That showed me confidence. I liked what I saw there. 

There has been ongoing debate whether Ronaldo fits a pressing team. My take is we don’t know because of age and that he hasn’t really be asked to press before. It isn’t a case that he doesn’t. If there is one player who can smash this template up, it is a firing Ronaldo. Plan to make room for him. 


The Chelsea defensive double up is a minimum requirement and will be until January. But look to offload then. Fixtures turn badly and also Chelsea will play in the Club World Cup in February. It is a bit early to consider replacements but going to Man City defence or maybe a Liverpool defensive double up could work out when the time comes. 


More short term, I’d be looking to get Watford attackers into your team. They are showing a good ability to get attacking returns with the quality of their moves under Ranieri. I’d give the edge to King over Dennis as King is likely on penalties and Dennis and Sarr go to AFCON after GW19. Both are great value regardless. Fixtures look great into the spring. 

Aston Villa

I’d be looking at Villa closely. From GW17, Villa’s fixtures look very good and I think there is an opportunity to hop onto assets then. The likes of Watkins, Ings and Bailey could do well with the new direction of Gerrard. Cash is an outside bet if the defence can tighten up. 

Transfer plans

Here is my team with 1FT and 6.0m ITB.

After 5 consecutive blanks, I think Antonio is on the chopping block even with a fixture turn coming up. As mentioned above, Watford look in good attacking form and I quite like getting Josh King. But their next game is Man City so that could wait one GW. 

I am also monitoring the Recce James situation. It appears like he has an ankle injury that stopped him playing against Watford in the last game. This could be a GW to roll and assess with 2 FTs going into GW16 where Man Utd and Watford fixtures turn.

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