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In this article, I wanted to have a look at the current state of affairs and pose the question whether we even need a second premium attacker.

Defensive premiums

In my current squad, I have four defenders over £6.0m which was my chosen structure whilst on wildcard in GW8. Thus far, it hasn’t paid off quite as handsomely as I had hoped but this is a long term plan so I won’t be abandoning this setup anytime soon. The reason is that elite defences in Manchester City and Chelsea should provide consistent, steady returns over the season. They are strong enough for me to leave this defence alone, injuries permitting. Also, Livramento (£4.4m) is providing such good value that even the odd injury or benching can be easily stomached.

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Spend more on a goalkeeper?

It is an unwritten rule to spend the least amount possible for your goalkeepers. However, with budget less stretched this season with premium attackers injured or not in form, is there an argument to spend a little more on your goalkeeper?

Many FPL managers will be rocked by the news that Raya (£4.6m) has been ruled out until March with a serious knee injury. Looking simply at the points, it looks like that the premium goalkeepers are on top. The likes of Mendy (£6.1m), Allison (6.0m) and Ederson (£6.0m) have strong chances week in week out of getting clean sheets. In the case of Martinez (£5.5m), he is perhaps the best FPL keeper in the game given the amount of saves he makes and ability to get unexpected hauls.

The obvious downside is that once you decide to spend some extra cash on your goalkeeper, it can be tricky to get the funds back out should you need them. That alone is offputting, But looking at the budget keeper options, it is a thin field. Realistically, it is Sanchez (£4.6m), Ramsdale (£4.6m) or a gamble like Guaita (£4.5m).

If I were looking for a Raya replacement, I’d consider a Martinez or even Mendy as a set and forget. You may catch a haul. Otherwise, Sanchez is probably the best budget keeper.

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Midfield premiums

So far, it has been the season of the budget midfielder. The likes of Benrahma (£6.5m), Gray (£5.8m) and Townsend (£5.7m) have provided incredible value compared to how budget mids at their price usually perform. For context, Mane (£11.9m) has had a strong start to the season in arguably the best attack in the league and has three more points than Townsend who is half his price.

Compared to seasons gone by, we really don’t have any premium midfielders that are calling our attention for various reasons. Bruno Fernandes (£11.7m) is playing in a Man Utd team that is disjointed and suffering badly for form. Kevin De Bruyne (£12.0m) has been eased back into the first team at Man City and other City mids like Foden (£8.1m) and Bernardo Silva (£7.0m) are showing greater value. 

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Whereas in past seasons, the likes of Bruno and KDB would be in the conversation for the captaincy, they are hardly on our radar. The one exception I must point out is Son Heung-Min (£10.2m) who has been accumulating points despite Spurs having an indifferent start to the season. As mentioned in previous articles, Son is a proven asset and has some goodfixtures to boot. Even the next two fixtures in Man Utd (H) and Everton (A) are decent fixtures before the fixtures turn even better. 


I, like many, hopped onto Vardy (£10.8m) after news broke that Lukaku (£11.5m) was injured. Now the former England international is flagged having come off in the last game with a knee injury. It is unclear at time of writing whether Vardy will be fit for the weekend though it seems the injury is not serious. What is tempting is that I have enough cash to turn Vardy into Harry Kane (£12.1m).

I know what you are thinking. I must be mad. Kane has one goal and one assist this season. He hasn’t really looked like the deadly striker of old (though it could be argued the team are not doing a great job of providing chances). However, I can get to Kane in one move but it would require two moves to get Son. The next game is Man Utd at home. Wounded by their thrashing at home to Liverpool and possibly still without Varane, I think Spurs can apply even more hurt onto Man Utd. I would want one Spurs attacker.

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UPDATE – Vardy appears to be fit so I don’t think I will be making a move for Kane. But I have kept this section in to illustrate the thought process.

With Lukaku injured and likely missing Chelsea’s best fixtures, the other premium forward of real note is Ronaldo (£12.5m). Suffice to say that with Man Utd’s woes and awful fixtures, he is a clear stay away for now. After an explosive start, four blanks in a row means we should steer clear for now.

Where to spend the money?

As I have highlighted, premium attackers are not doing the business. I have already put significant funds into my defence and that is a set and forget defence. I’d be focusing on transfers in midfield and attack, looking for fixture swings and targeting teams like Norwich, Leeds, Burnley and Newcastle. This GW, I’d be looking at getting Spurs assets if you have the cash to spend.

GW10 plans

This is the current lineup and awaiting news on Azpilicueta and Mbuemo injuries. Even if both were ruled out for the next game, it is possible I may roll my FT. As stated, I am very keen to get Son and cannot get to him in one transfer. My bench is strong enough to stomach short term injuries for both Azpilicueta and Mbuemo.

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