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GW2 has been and gone, and was one with a real range of scores as a lot of the well backed players blanked. However, there were some great picks out there, so well done to those who had any of the GW2 Team of the Week.

171 Points from a team valued at £78.8M, with 17 goals, 8 assists, 3 clean sheets, 1 penalty save and 27 bonus points scored from this 11.

Seasons Stats

Sugeee_FPL has produced a fantastic graphic showing the top 5 players per position for the first two GW. A clear and crisp way of displaying the information.

TedTalksFPL has also produced some great graphics looking at goal attempts and chances for each position over the first 2 gameweeks..


Everton assets seem to be the club most are now turning to after 2 straight wins to start the season. FPL Visuals has produced a 50 second video comparing the Everton assets to help you choose your best option.

After a good performance against Man City, Daniel Prodence at £5.5M is someone many are now looking at. FPL Gooner produced a great thread looking at him for the upcoming run of good games.

For an all round view of which players are best to be transferring in for GW3 The FPL Fan Show have picked the best 11 for GW3.


FPL_Connect has this week taken a look at the captain options for GW3 using underlying stats to pick their candidates. It’s the first real GW when there isn’t a stand out captain choice.


Early wildcarding is a common tactic, often a quick fix to a slow start. FPL Nymfria had her worst ever week (sorry Nym!) but stepped up and put together a fantastic video not only reviewing the GW but also how she plans to correct her season by Wildcarding.

Good luck to everyone ahead of GW3, Hope your week is full of green arrows, goals and a captain success.

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