Fixture Difficulty Index (FDI)

How to understand FDI

The darker the red, the more favourable the fixture. Index score calculated by rankings based on bookmakers odds and points attained last season (newly promoted teams benchmarked against existing team using relegation odds)As you can see this equates Arsenals chance of victory at Fulham away in GW1 (index 1.0) as equivalent to Everton at home to WBA in GW2 (1.0)

As the index is based on both teams (not just the opposition), the better teams dominate the darker reds whilst the (bookmakers) perceived weaker teams struggle to obtain a pale pink.

If you wish to download a copy of the FDI, just click on the button below:

This FDI is the work of Aaron aka Filthy Casual (@FPLFilthyCasual) and takes looking at fixtures to a new level.

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