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So, with the end of the Premier League season now having gone by, many of us will be turning our attentions to Euro 2020, albeit being played in the summer of 2021. I still often forget that they haven’t rebranded given the year change, but I suppose it is understandable as I expect the costs associated with a full rebrand would have been extortionate. 

There is the free format of the Euro 2020 fantasy competition which many will be playing this summer from Uefa, but Fan Team have their own Euro 2020 competition with some huge prizes once again following their successful full season game. I was fortunate enough to profit from this seasons game, finishing just over 1600th with the pay-out being all the way down to 5000th.

The team at Fan Team have however doubled the pay-out places for the Euro competition, with a guaranteed profit all the way down to 10377th. That’s a huge decision from the guys and it just shows their commitment in expanding and developing the brand which allows us to profit from our planning and love of fantasy football. The guaranteed prize pool is £1,000,000, with 1st place getting £200,000. Now that is a sum of money that is not to be sniffed at.

With this article, I thought I would outline some of the rules in the Fan Team Euro format given there are a few details that differ from the Uefa version of the game. I will keep it relatively short and sweet whilst trying to outline some of the key points that you will need to bear in mind to stand a chance of winning that lump sum!


  1. First things first, you have a starting budget of 105m to build your initial team which needs to consist of the usual 2 GK’s, 5 Defs, 5 Mids and 3 Fwds.
  • As always, you can select a maximum of 3 players from any one team at the beginning of the game. This rule applies for game weeks 1,2,3 & 4. However, this then changes as we move into the knockouts. A maximum of 4 players from any one team can be selected for the quarter finals and then 7 for both the semi finals and the final!
  • Deadlines – The all-important time stamp on when you have to lock in your teams in 90 minutes prior to the first kick off of the game week. The tournament starts on June 11th at 20:00 GMT. It will be important to keep an eye on injuries and team news coming out of the various camps, given there will be several days off football ahead of each deadline.
  • As with the FPL format that we are used to, players prices will rise and fall based on form and in-game transfer activity. The price changes will occur between 23:00 & 01:00 GMT and could make all the difference when you have the opportunity to load up on specific teams later down the line. The other important factor to note is that their sell price is the same as their buy price, which is such a good factor compared to the headaches that FPL price changes cause.
  • In terms of transfers, you will have 1 free transfer in both game weeks 2 and 3 with additional transfers costing a -4 as per the usual FPL rules. This will then cover the group games. Moving into the last 16, you will have one wildcard available which can only be used in game week 4. It is important to note that this cannot be rolled and needs to be used in game week 4. You will then have 3 free transfers available in both game weeks 5 and game weeks 6 which correlates to the quarter and semi-finals. No transfers can be used for the final, so use those transfers in the QF & SF wisely, trying to predict who may well make it to the final. This could make all the difference in finishing the season with a bang.
  • All scoring will be for 90 minutes plus injury time. Extra time and penalty shootouts will not be included in the scoring for your players points, so avoid complaining when you don’t get the points for your player scoring a late extra time winner.
  • Fan Team have noted that depending on which teams make in through the group stages, they may increase the budgets and will inform us if this takes place.

The most important thing is to enjoy the game and plan ahead. Attacking the teams who you believe will be successful in the group stages could be the difference between challenging for the big money and making a marginal profit. That game week 4 wildcard is key and allows you to target specific groups without having to worry about holding onto those players post the group stages. It may be difficult to make up a significant points total following the groups as the knockout games can often be tight and cagey affairs between two top teams.

We will be looking to release another article later down the line with key targets for teams once the final squads have been announced.

If you haven’t signed up already, then click on the image below and you can start your registration now.  

Good luck everyone and enjoy trying to win some life changing sums of money!

Thanks for reading!

Clean Sheet Wipeout.

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